Food Degustation

Food degustation is a culinary term meaning a very careful and appreciative tasting of various different types of foods, mainly focusing on the senses, the gustatory system and the culinary art. Food degustation basically encompasses ideas such as savoring food with all your senses, appreciating the ingredients, appreciating the chef’s various technical skills, and enjoying food with good company. Usually, food degustation consists of 8 or more courses, and can be accompanied by a well chosen matching wine degustation that complements each particular dish. Food degustation basically involves sampling various small portions of the chef’s signature dishes, in a single sitting. A degustation meal can take place over a period of several hours. Food degustation is proof that great things actually do come in small packages, or rather portions.

Food degustation can be used to celebrate great occasions or events. For instance, when you have done something that is note worthy, life changing, or something that deserves a celebration. Food degustation is ideal for celebrating successes which need to be remembered, regardless of how small or big the success is.

Today, degustation menus are becoming more and more popular in many restaurants, particularly the high end establishments, which allow their chefs to showcase their signature dishes, skills and techniques. Through a degustation menu, one gets to savor different types of food with all the senses, lets the chef showcase his or her skills and techniques, and lets you appreciate a great medley of fabulous flavors through a wide array of amazing complimentary dishes. Indulging in food degustation means enjoying and appreciating the amazing art of fine cuisine, and my oh my, will you totally enjoy it. Food degustation is more than a feast, it is an experience. Food degustation can be very exciting, especially to a foodie, and it’s totally worth a try. Try food degustation today, and enjoy discovering new amazing experiences.