Ubud, Bali

Tourist center


Ubud, is the main cultural center of Kuta Bali. This ensures that there are many facilities for tourists are available. There are more museums than you would expect, but also restaurants, bars and tourist information points. It is also crowded the streets and many people in the village is more concentrated on tourism than on art. Yet the village is still worth a visit. Ubud is a very popular travel spot for visitors from Australia and New Zealand. It is fairly close, and is a world famous surfing destination. Given the popularity of surfing in these two countries, it is nowonder hotels in Ubud are full of visitors from them.

In Ubud, at the end of the Monkey Forrest Road is a relatively large market. Here is fruit for little money and all sorts of trinkets available. The market is almost completely packed with stalls, making it a busy but pleasant atmosphere. When visiting the market it is wise to consider that it is expected that you bargain. If you get the idea that the seller is asking too much, it’s best to run away. It is more likely that the seller makes a better offer, in which you want to do. If not, then a bit further down the same product for a lower price. Further recommended your money somewhere safe. You walk through a crowded market in the crowd, where you can be easily robbed.

There are many spas and massage clinics in the city. At each hotel or apartments or directories are the locations and prices. Very Bali can be seen as a health center, for the people who are looking for. Ubud is no exception, there is no more or less than the rest of the island.

Museum and gallery
Artists in a city can not but that there are several museums and galleries can be found. The major museums in the city Agun Rai Museum of Art, a private museum and the Blanco Renaissance Museum. The major streets are still galleries, too many to mention.

Go out
Ubud is – to local standards – a fairly large city. There is also pretty much nightlife. Not just the usual restaurants, but also night clubs are located in the city. It will be many performances aimed specifically at tourists. This traditional dance show, for instance see whether there are old plays performed.

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