Indonesian Cuisines

Indonesian Cuisines Vary According To the Diverse Cultural and Traditional Groups in the Country Vary According To the Diverse Cultural and Traditional Groups in the Country.

Indonesia is one populated country that comprises of approximately 6000 populated islands and has a diverse array of traditional, distinct ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. It has a diverse culture because of which many regional cuisines exist based upon the different taste of different cultural and foreign influences. Indonesian cuisines vary according to the different regions.

Restaurants in Indonesia primarily focus on the dishes being served only in java and Sumatra while many non-Indonesians are not even aware that each region actually has its own separate and distinct cuisine. However Indonesia’s regional styles of cooking food and the indigenous techniques and ingredients have been influenced to a great extent over the centuries by the ingredients and the cooking styles of China, Europe, India and other parts of Asia. A typical meal in Indonesia can simply be described as being simple rice with several savory sidelines of vegetable, fish, and poultry dish along with a chili-hot condiment or Sambal on its side. Peanuts, crispy wafers and other fried shallots give it a crunchy contrast.

However Indonesian cuisines have created a mixture of flavors that exert its own influence abroad and on the people. Indonesian cuisines taste the best and must be tried for sure!

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