WuYi and Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world; it is said to be the second most-drunk beverage, second only to water. Given the taste and soothing effect of tea on one’s body, this does not come as a surprise, but recently, the status of tea as a beverage has been more elevated. With the popularity of the Wu-Yi diet tea as a great way to lose the unwanted pounds, more and more people are reexamining their love for tea.

The Wu-Yi tea is harvested in the mountains of the Fujian province, where the cool and clear weather made it the perfect harvesting ground for quality tea variants. The Wu-Yi tea is a brand of the Oolong tea, a variant known for the numerous health benefits to the body. Evidence of this is the fact that the Chinese, which has enjoyed tea for hundreds of years already, has clear skin and long life spans. The Chinese were drinking Wu-Yi diet tea long before Westerners have caught on with the habit. The popularity of the tea as a diet drink is such that even some celebrities in the U.S. are already advertising the benefits of drinking this healthy tea.

How does the Wu-Yi diet tea makes one lose weight? It is made of substances that plays and important role in the oxidation of fat. The advantage of drinking Wu-Yi diet tea is that it takes away the pounds effectively and safely; there are absolutely no health risks involved in this diet beverage.

People who drink Wu-Yi diet tea regularly experienced the following health benefits:

” Strong resistance against common and long-term diseases ” Younger-looking skin, with less susceptibility to dark spots and wrinkles ” Better performance of the liver ” Stronger bones and teeth; less tooth decay and less discoloration ” Clearer, more invigorated mind ” Higher metabolism and energy levels

Another thing to remember is that drinking Wu-Yi will bring you the benefits of both green and black tea. They are filled with antioxidants that will bring the mind and body good.

Those who do not really aim to diet can still benefits of drinking Wu-Yi, because the tea is a delicious beverage by itself. The aroma of the tea alone can already soothe a stressed mind, and the taste has the ability to relax not only the mind but also the body. It also energizes too; tea is a great option for those who don’t like to drink coffee and its great amounts of caffeine.

Those who plan to drink Wu-Yi diet tea should remember that there are recommended amounts per individual; it should not be treated as water. Too much can be bad for you, since tea also contains caffeine and must not be taken in excess amounts. Also, its effectiveness as a slimming tea will depend on the weight, sex, health, history and activity level of the person involved. It will work faster on some people and can work slower on some. To maximize results, it is best to combine this tea regimen with proper eating and regular exercise.


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